Terms of Service

Last Updated: April 3, 2024
If you signed a separate Cover Page to access the Product with the same account, and that agreement has not ended, the terms below do not apply to you. Instead, your separate Cover Page applies to your use of the Product.
This Agreement is between 1Flow, Inc. (parent company of Tuesday) and the company or person accessing or using the Product. This Agreement consists of: (1) the Order Form and (2) the Key Terms, both of which are on the Cover Page below, and (3) the Common Paper Cloud Service Agreement Standard Terms Version 1.1 (“Standard Terms”). Any modifications to the Standard Terms made in the Cover Page will control over conflicts with the Standard Terms. Capitalized words have the meanings or descriptions given in the Cover Page or the Standard Terms.
If you are accessing or using the Product on behalf of your company, you represent that you are authorized to accept this Agreement on behalf of your company. By signing up, accessing, or using the Product, Customer indicates its acceptance of this Agreement and agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Cover Page

Order Form
Cloud Service: Tuesday is a cloud-based sales and marketing automation platform that leverages cutting-edge AI technology to generate hyper-personalized sales emails, LinkedIn messages, and marketing content at scale. 
Using Tuesday platform, users can automate account and contact research using AI agents that can browse the Internet, write like humans do, and with the personality, writing style, and business expertise similar to the best human colleague on your team. 
Tuesday is a software-as-a-service product owned, developed and maintained by 1Flow, Inc., C-Corporation based in the United States. 1Flow, Inc. is certified in 2023 to be SOC 2 Type II compliant, with highest-level of data security standards. 
Cloud Service Fees: 
Pricing tiers are customized for our enterprise customers. Please refer to our Subscription Order Form and your billing page in Tuesday platform for details.
Payment Period: monthly or annual (depending on the plan you select)
Key Terms
Customer: The company or person who accesses or uses the Product. If the person accepting this Agreement is doing so on behalf of a company, all use of the word "Customer" in the Agreement will mean that company.
Provider: 1Flow, Inc. (DBA Tuesday – AI for Sales Outreach)
Effective Date: The date Customer first accepts this Agreement.
Governing Law:  The laws of the State of Delaware, USA
Notice Address: 
For Provider: support@tuesday.so
For Customer: The main email address on Customer's account